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Here Is a Nice video On the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). EAB has hit our city in full force over the last few years. please take time to learn about this pest and what we can do about it. 


Here on some HELPFUL tips to keep your trees happy during the winter months

What can benefit my trees during the winter months?

What can benefit my trees during the winter months?

  • WATER THOSE TREES: Watering your trees during the winter months will ensure they have enough resources to be strong and healthy. This will also benefit the trees once spring is upon us.

  • PROPER PRUNING: Winter is one of the best times to prune our trees here in KC. Proper pruning can help prevent failure during heavy snows and ice, also be very beneficial to their growth habits during peak growing seasons.

  • DON’T PILE SNOW: If at all possible, don't pile large amounts of snow at the base or on your tree. This can be difficult for trees close to drives and sidewalks. Piling large amounts of snow can potentially cause decay, compact the soil, and cause young trees to grow in unwanted ways.

  • ALWAYS USE A CERTIFIED ARBORIST: If you have major damage from ice or heavy snow, be sure to have an certified arborist properly inspect and fix any issues. improper pruning during these times of stress could have significant implications in the future.


What can You do to help your trees during this long standing drought?

1: WATER WATER WATER. Water your trees 2-3xs a week. Be sure that you water for long periods of time, to allow the water to spread throughout the dip line and deep into the soil. We recommend you have your hose turned on to a slow/med trickle and frequently move it throughout the canopy over a 3-4 hr period. 

2: DO NOT OVER PRUNE. Trees rely on their leaves a young growth to help fight through stressful times. Removing a large percentage of the foliage during these times can do significant harm to the tree. If you feel like a tree needs to be pruned, only do what is necessary to achieve the goals you have.

3:PAY ATTENTION: Closely monitoring your trees will help identify problems before it is to late. If we can catch something early, we will have a far greater chance of fixing any issues that arise.